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How to Create a Beautiful Rainbow Pudding Snacks

How to Create a Beautiful Rainbow Pudding Snacks
How to Create a Beautiful Rainbow Pudding Snacks

How to Create a Beautiful Rainbow Pudding Snacks .Puddings also called rainbow or rainbow pudding is a healthy snack made ​​from a mixture of gelatin and milk, combined with a variety of fruit pastes to produce natural colors which are then joined together in a layered pudding mold to be color- colorful. Type pudding this one has a very interesting and pretty. Your family especially the kids would surely love a rainbow when the pudding is presented as a healthy snack or dessert at the dinner table.

In manufacturing, pudding rainbow simple enough to dikreasikan because just past the boiling phase mixture of gelatin alone. Usually this ditambakan pudding with fruit cocktail as complementary toppings. Well, for this step of making a healthy snack you can see in the following recipe this review.

Rainbow Pudding Recipe


  • Sugar pasir250 gr
  • Gelatin powder 1 package white
  • 1 liter of liquid milk or water 1 liter of full cream milk plus
  • Chocolate or sweetened condensed milk to taste
  • Fruit cocktail taste
  • Pasta fruit taste

Tips and How to Make Delicious Pudding Snacks Rainbow

  • Pour the milk into a saucepan and then dissolve the sugar and gelatin powder into it. Stir and boil until boiling and mature.
  • Lift and pour the boiled pudding into some container and mix with each fruit pastes different to be colorful pudding.
  • Prepare the pudding mold and fill with pudding stew which has been given a mix of pasta and enter briefly into the fridge to harden quickly. Once it is added back to the pudding stew that has been mixed with other pasta. Begiru on until piling up and looks like a rainbow.
  • Reinsert the pudding the colors into the fridge to harden and then remove it quickly if it will be served.
  • Remove the pudding from the mold and serve with your favorite cocktail complementary fruit and a splash of chocolate or sweetened condensed milk.

That's some tasty snacks step presentation of the pudding sweet and beautiful colors of the rainbow. You can make it at any time to treat dessert or healthy snacks family.

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