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How to Make Delicious Food Parata India

How to Make Delicious Food Parata India
How to Make Delicious Food Parata India

How to Make Delicious Food Parata India .Typical Indian food with a savory taste delicious and presented alongside the usual curry sauce or condiment enjoyed savory and well suited to sustaining energy in the morning before starting the activity is parata bread. A round flat bread made ​​with simple roasting pan or Teflon has a savory and slightly sweet taste because it is made ​​from a mixture composition of flour, milk, sugar and salt. The bread is also called paratha by resident Indian or pizza can also be said of its people India has become a special dish in the menu list in a variety of fancy restaurants. The seller would be more you see when you travel to the city bollywood there. If you intend to make bread parata own creations through the kitchen of the house, do not worry, you do not need to worry because it had never been made ​​before. Through parata prescription india which we will present the following, you can duplicate the steps simple in its construction. Therefore, consider the direct review how to make the following recipe.

Parata Prescription India


  • ½ kg wheat flour, select a nice
  • Milk cair150 ml
  • Butter 40 gr
  • Pasir1 tsp sugar
  • Halus2 tsp salt

Steps to Make Tasty Snacks Parata India

  • The first step that you can do is make the dough by mixing the ingredients such as salt, sugar and flour. Toss well.
  • Add the flour mixture to the liquid milk slowly and continue pendagukan dough until smooth.
  • After that, the dough is shaped round and aged ± 20 minutes in length until fluffy.
  • Furthermore, the batter who have expanded into several sections with each mencaoai dose of 50 g, rounded shape back.
  • Sprinkle the dough that has been re-formed round with enough flour and roll pipihkan with the help of wood. Repeat this step until all the dough flat.
  • Next, the baked dough that has been shaped round flat on hot griddle that has been given a spreadable butter until soft and golden color changed to yellow. Lift and place on a plate.

India parata Serve while warm with complementary cocolan sauce or curry sauce. You can present it as a breakfast menu in the morning or just snacks booster stomach. Please try the recipe.

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