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How to Make Delicious Pudding Compote Cocopandan

How to Make Delicious Pudding Compote Cocopandan
How to Make Delicious Pudding Compote Cocopandan

How to Make Delicious Pudding Compote Cocopandan.The pudding was already a star in the dish tasty snack commonly enjoyed as a snack, appetizer or dessert as well. Soft and sweet foods has many innovations dish can freely choose to dikreasikan. Among the many variants pudding made ​​was chocolate pudding, milk pudding, bread pudding, and the pudding LAPI. Puddings were equally in favor of some kind of pudding mentioned above as well as fitted dihadrikan for takjil dish or appetizer during fasting is pudding cocopandan compote. Puddings this one was the pudding from the fusion solution pany cocopandan with banana pudding boiled jackfruit, and fro and sausn coconut milk mixed with custard mix. Sweet and gentle will surely make you addicted to chewing. If you want to bring this compote cocopandan pudding you can follow the weave as shown in the following recipe.

Pudding Recipe Cocopandan 

The main ingredient

  • Haan Pudding Cocopandan 1 sachet
  • White water ½ liter
  • Fro 100 gr
  • Bananas boiled jackfruit 100 g
  • Pumpkin 100 g
  • Coconut 75g
  • Thick coconut milk 100 gr

Sauce ingredients Santan

  • 50 ml coconut milk
  • White water 150 ml
  • Vla mix 80 gr

Steps to Make Delicious Pudding Compote Cocopandan

  • Prepare a pot and pour water into it and boil until boiling and mature.
  • Add boiling water in a saucepan with pudding cocopandan pany as much as 1 sachet, stir well and remove from heat. Allow the solution pany pudding stew cocopandan to be cool.
  • Next boiled in coconut milk and add the water and custard mix. Stir until evenly distributed. Remove and let stand until cool.
  • Ripe bananas with boiled ripe jackfruit. Remove and set aside.
  • Prepare pudding mold or other container and then pour the banana jackfruit already direus mature into it, pour too and fro into the container tersbut.
  • Take some solution cocopandan pany's cold pudding and pour into a container already containing bananas boiled jackfruit and fro, wait until it becomes hard.
  • Take the coconut and place in container already containing bananas boiled jackfruit, fro, and cocopandan pudding, followed by pouring the remaining solvent cocopandan pany pudding into the container. set aside some time or put in the freezer to harden so fast.
  • Once the pudding hardened, pour coconut milk sauce of coconut milk stew mix, water and custard mix into a container of the pudding.
  • Puddings cocopandan compote is already finished and ready to be enjoyed.

Delicious dish of pudding is fitted cocopandan compote presented to fine dining dessert or entree bakan takjil during fasting.

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