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How to Make Fresh Sweet Mango Ice Bubble

How to Make Fresh Sweet Mango Ice Bubble
How to Make Fresh Sweet Mango Ice Bubble
How to Make Fresh Sweet Mango Ice Bubble .Mango fruit is one of the fruits that can be made ​​in some processed foods and beverages. Mango or better known by the Latin name magnifera This indica has a very sweet flavor. In addition, the mangoes also contain nutrients and nutrients for good health. Naturally, if a lot to like with this mango fruit. Now, therefore this time we will share about How to Make Ice Bubble Fresh Sweet Mango. For mangoes that will be made ​​of ice bubble this time was mango kweni that we often find in the area indramayu. To create your own it can be said quite easy and simple. Pembuatanya itself is divided into two kinds of material, the first to make puddings and material to the two to mix. Well, Listen carefully following liputanya 

Ingredients for the pudding

  • 1 ripe mango fruit, then blend until smooth
  • 250 ml water
  • jelly powder 1 packet
  • 150 grams sugar

Ingredients for the mixture

  • 1 liter mango juice
  • 50 grams sago pearls
  • white milk is thick and sweet to taste
  • 150 grams of nata de coco
  • Prepare ice cubes to taste, then shaved until smooth

Steps in Creating Bubble Ice Mango 

  • First, enter pudding ingredients into the pot. Boil until boiling while in though and stir.
  • After that, lift da pour on molds and wait until solidified and cool. If it had been put in one container.
  • Next, cut into pieces until the pudding shaped like dice.
  • To serve, fill material mixture into serving glasses. then enter the bubble also shared pudding into it.
  • Done, serving iced mango bubble ready to enjoy.
  • Well, you can just replace the mango kueni with other types of mangoes to be made ​​in the ice bubble. To issue a definite taste still sweet and very refreshing. As it Recipe Ice Bubble Fresh Sweet Mango that we can share. Hope can make a picture for those who want to make. Good luck and enjoy.

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