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Noodle Dishes Ala Germany

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Noodle dishes ala Germany.Great part of German cooking is the large variety of side dishes that accompany many meals. Reviews These reviews are most Often side dishes vegetables, flour-based foods, and dough-based foods.
Of the vegetables, the most important side dish is the potato. These are served in many different ways: boiled, pan fried, deep fried, mashed, Klosse, kroketten, pancakes, soup, etc. Please visit our potato page for further details.
Noodle dishes ala Germany. This time I cook German dishes, named Schnitzel-SpƤtzle Topf.

materials needed

  •  200 grams of noodles
  •  2 cloves onion
  •  150 grams of edible mushroom
  •  300 grams of beef or chicken
  •  100 ml cream thickener
  •  Seasonings cook (I use the output Knorr)

How to make

  •  Cook noodles (half-baked).
  • Cut the meat and stir-saute in oil until brown enough.
  •  Onions in sliced ​​then saute until wilted, enter the mushroom Also been cut.
  •  Enter into the meat sauteed onions and mushroom mixture, put 500 ml of cold water.
  • Enter the cooking spices, such as salt, pepper etc.
  •  Enter 100 ml cream thickeners, you can use corn starch.
  •  Enter the noodles are half-baked.
  •  Cook about 10-15 minutes.


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