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Recipe Fresh Melon Fruit Juice Drinks and Deals

Recipe Fresh Melon Fruit Juice Drinks and Deals .Juice is the name of a drink made ​​with the way in blend until smooth. Fresh juice drink which is usually made ​​of fresh fruits such as such as avocado, grapefruit, dragon fruit, apple and that we will make this time is the melon fruit juice. Melon is a fruit that has a large round shape and has a typical fresh green color. The green color on the fruit rind of the melon can add to the appeal of fresh fruit owned this one. Memlon fruit flesh has a very soft and smooth too watery. Sweet fruit of this one there are many in the market are usually sold by the kilogram. In addition, the melon has a good yag benefits to health so that the fruit is snagat unfit for consumption. Fresh fruit this one has quite a lot of nutrients that are also rich in potassium, vitamins and can prevent various diseases such as diabetes and stroke, can nourish the honor and so forth. Fruit is one very easy for us to enjoy both made ​​into juice or fruit only eaten immediately.
Recipe Fresh Melon Fruit Juice Drinks and Deals
Recipe Fresh Melon Fruit Juice Drinks and Deals


  • 250 g melon flesh is ripe
  • 100 gr sugar
  • ripe fresh water 500 ml
  • sweetened condensed milk to taste
  • ice cubes sesucukupnya

How to Make a Melon Fruit Juices 

  • Enter melon fruit into the blender while dismembered
  • Enter into it and stole sugar with sweetened condensed milk
  • Pour water into a blender that had been prepared which already contains a mixture of ingredients
  • Blend at medium speed until smooth and creamy
  • After that, pour the melon juice into a glass containing ice cubes
  • Stir slightly before serving and ready to be enjoyed
  • From now on you should not hesitate to consume melons this one. Hopefully Recipes How to Make Fresh Melon Fruit juice can be beneficial for you.

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