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Recipes to Make Cranberry Apple Juice Super Fantastic

Recipes to Make Cranberry Apple Juice Super Fantastic
Recipes to Make Cranberry Apple Juice Super Fantastic

Recipes to Make Cranberry Apple Juice Super Fantastic .Cranberry is the name of the fruits from berries found in the American plains. The fruit is widely used for a variety of grain used karean have a lot of good content such as nutrients, vitamins and minerals are qualified. Vitamin content in cranberry include Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Fiber each of which have different properties. Vitamin E can strengthen the body's nutritious, vitamin C as an antioxidant and fiber for the prevention of digestive problems as well as the prevention of obesity, stroke and diabetes.

In addition to vitamin E, C and Fiber, cranberries also contain calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, float acid, magnesium and vitamin K. Presentation presented with many cranberry fruit drinks made fresh as juice.

Juice or juice is the result of the refinement of fruit by using a food processor or blender. In making cranberry juice, cranberry fruit refining bauh added with apple and ginger as a complement. To make the drinks are tasty and healthy this one you can listen to manufacture the recipe to make apple cranberry juice super fantastic as follows.

Cranberry juice Apples


  • Apples, 4 pieces
  • Cranberry juice, 600 ml
  • Ginger, shredded skinless, 2 ½
  • Ice cubes as needed

How to Make Cranberry Juice Drink Fresh Delicious Apples

  • At first the skin of apples peeled or not peeled if desired, cut apples for deseeded and cut into pieces.
  • Prepare blender and fill with cranberry juice, puree together with additional pieces of apple and grated ginger. Wait until smooth and evenly mixed.
  • Bring me a glass and pour the result blenderan apple cranberry juice into the glass.
  • Add apple cranberry juice in a glass with some ice cubes in order to feel cool and refreshing.

Apple cranberry juice as a treat you can make tasty drinks and fresh for anyone families or guests who visited the house is also a relaxing treats during the day.

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