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Chocolate Pudding Recipe Soft Puyo Enak Steady

Chocolate Pudding Recipe Soft Puyo Enak Steady
Chocolate Pudding Recipe Soft Puyo Enak Steady

Chocolate Pudding Recipe Soft Puyo Enak Steady .Have heard pudding puyo ?? Ever tried it? Now-now pudding puyo is booming and is famous for the Indonesian people. Puyo pudding has a very soft texture and the taste is addictive. Problem puyo flavor pudding has a lot of variants, but most enjoy doing is the chocolate flavor. Puyo pudding often encountered in the mall and supermarket at a fairly affordable price. But rather tasty and satisfying also if we make it at home. Make pudding puyo quite easy and not as hard as you think, curious? Please try to follow the recipe below correctly and carefully.

How to make chocolate pudding puyo

The materials that will be used

  • 1 bgks jelly various flavors, to taste
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 1 ltr milk
  • 1 bgks Via instant, dissolved in 250 ml water
  • 1 tablespoon flour cornstarch
  • Small cups for pudding

Step by step how to make it

  • Provide sebauh container and mix cornstarch, jelly, stirring it until evenly mixed, pour the liquid milk stir again until no dough clot-clot, input sugar.
  • Tunagkan mixture into a container and then cook with medium fire, stirring constantly so that the milk is not broken and does not crusty pan. If the material is in use using essens nutrijel then add food coloring. Lift
  • Pour the batter into small custard cup and then input into the freezer until webbed download and input via the above custard pudding puyo input return until hardened.
  • Puyo pudding prepared in the present

Quite easy and simple, please you can try to create in your home. Serve as a snack food in while relaxing with your family while chatting together and joke ria. If you are fluent in making puddings puyo, you can make as your business area, to fill empty time with useful things. Interested? Please immediately apply in your home along with your beloved family. Good luck and hopefully useful to the recipe, aminn

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