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How to cook Sauteed Spinach Sedap Simple

How to cook Sauteed Spinach Sedap Simple
How to cook Sauteed Spinach Sedap Simple

How to cook Sauteed Spinach Sedap Simple .Viewed from green to see the blushing also tempting especially when cooked with a tasty and berkuah processed more tasty and delicious. Spinach this time we will process into delicious dishes berkuah and the sauteed spinach. Sauteed spinach merpakan good culinary and savory and contain energy and vitamins is also of course good for our bodies. To make the sauteed spinach is quite simple and easy and you can serve as a presentation of the most practical and convenient. Spinach usually taking a mix of sweet corn, tofu, and other Rempahan seasoning. For the less able or are still in the learning stage of sauteed spinach can for you to test as the first dish you try, the more impatient to try it? Let's follow the way below.

Sauteed Spinach Recipe

Materials used

  • 300 grams of fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 pc sweet corn
  • White tofu cut into small dice
  • 75 ml of water clean

Seasoning blend

  • 5 cloves garlic, in geprek
  • 1 clove of red onion, cut into thin strips
  • 2 pcs red pepper, cut into thin strips
  • Granulated sugar to taste
  • salt to taste
  • Cooking oil to taste

Easy tips how to cook sautéed spinach

  • Provide a frying pan then heat the wok, add oil and saute onion seasoning, red pepper, until the smell fragrant and fragrant. Add shavings of sweet corn, spinach leaves, and know that have previously been fried half-baked
  • Add seasoning sugar, salt, could taste it first if there are less marinade can add another. Lift
  • Sauteed spinach prepared in the present and in nikmatoi

Thus cooking recipes savory sauteed spinach sedehana you can try at home with ease. If your family tired of vegetable soup or the other solution you can make delicious sauteed spinach and savory. Serve while warm sauteed spinach with spicy sauce, salted fish, dried tempeh fried, omelet that accompany you along with your family. Enjoy super duper delicious dishes. Congratulations to create in the kitchen, and happy cooking!

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