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How to Make a Delicious and Fresh Watermelon Juice

How to Make a Delicious and Fresh Watermelon Juice
How to Make a Delicious and Fresh Watermelon Juice

How to Make a Delicious and Fresh Watermelon Juice .Watermelon juice is fresh drinks are made ​​from fruit that has the highest water content is semangka.Selin was also this watermelon juice for body health memberikatan kita.Semua pecita culinary archipelago must know that watermelon juice is very delicious and menyegarkan.Dalam keli episode we will discuss the menu dish of watermelon juice watermelon juice sampa tuntas.Menu this dish really enjoy doing a wide range of groups, from children to people dewasa.Menu this dish is very fitting to gather together your family or friends serving juice anda.Menu watermelon is also easy to find and easy to spot in buat.Jadi archipelago foodies do not have to bother to look for and make it. 
fruits that have a Latin name Citrulus Lanatus (Thunb) is also membunyai many health benefits to those who have a lot of watermelon fruit menkosumsinya.Manfaat of which helps strengthen the heart, nourish the eyes, strengthens bones and others.

Ok, no need to linger to discuss the benefits of watermelon we Immediately to the subject is about how to make juice semangka.Sebelumnya you prepare beforehand materials and equipment for making fresh dish ini.Berikut recipe ....

The materials need to be prepared

  • You prepare watermelon slices 1/4, then remove the seeds
  • Please also provide a mature white water 300 ml

Provide Enough For Your peralatanya Blender

And this How to Make Fresh watermelon juice 

  • First we used to wash the melon fruit, in order to awake kebersihanya.
  • Then we cut into sections.
  • Roll blender plugs into electricity, then you enter the watermelon chunks into the blender.
  • Take water have been provided then you enter into a blender.
  • Turn on the blender and wait until the watermelon and the water became smooth.
  • Done, Tangkan the watermelon juice into the glass and add ice cubes small size.
  • You serve this watermelon juice menu.

For white water we could just replace it with 300 ml milk, or lemon to make it more bervariasi.Demikian discussion times may bermanfaat.Sekian good luck and enjoy.

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