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How to Make Fish Nugget Sedap and Favors

How to Make Fish Nugget Sedap and Favors
How to Make Fish Nugget Sedap and Favors

How to Make Fish Nugget Sedap and Favors .Nugget tuna is a special dish made ​​of fish with other mixed materials are capable of adding flavor of the nugget itself. Fish nuggets recipe can be made ​​with basic ingredients such as fish or manufacture can also with tuna. Make nugget derived from the basic material processed tuna that much-loved by the people, especially among children. The use of tuna is one right choice arena tuna fish contains a lot of vitamin A in it. Vitamin A has a useful role for eye health. Not only the process of making a tuna fish nuggets easy but the materials used numerous around so it is not difficult to find.
Here we explain prescription fish nuggets that you can make a guide.

Materials needed

  • salt to taste
  • tuna 1 kg
  • Right amount of oil
  • 4 egg whites are whipped off
  • Pepper 2 tsp
  • Tapioca flour 300 gr
  • 5 cloves garlic

Supplementary material

  • Panir flour taste
  • 6 egg white grains are shaken loose

The steps to create

  • The first step is to soften the garlic tuna until smooth. Set aside.
  • Combine tuna puree that you use salt, pepper also flour. Stir until all ingredients evenly mixed.
  • Prepare a baking sheet that has been diusapi oil and pour the mixture into it. Steam for about 25 minutes. Or wait until the dough is cooked. Lift and let cool.
  • When the dough is cold print to your taste. Balut use the beaten egg whites. Guling- roll into flour crumb. Repeat 2 times coating done until the dough runs no trace.
  • Keep in refrigeration until frozen.
  • Prepare frying oil well. Use flame who is to heat the oil. Tuna fish nuggets fried until it is lightly golden. Remove the fish nuggets of tuna and drain.

How to make tuna fish nuggets

Top is one of the recipes from Indonesia special. The cuisine is fairly typical one that can be made ​​in a way that is quite simple but can produce the quality of the cuisine is tasty, savory, delicious and tasty. Recipes to make tuna fish nuggets were easily above you can make a family home menu selection.

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