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How to Make Meatballs Fish Deliciously Easy and

How to Make Meatballs Fish Deliciously Easy and
How to Make Meatballs Fish Deliciously Easy and 

How to Make Meatballs Fish Deliciously Easy and .Meatballs, if hear mention the food was certainly InGaN with a savory sauce also added a spicy sauce, which makes this one so the food was very delicious. The meatballs that have a wide variety, there are veal meatballs, chicken meatballs, fish balls, shrimp meatballs too, but there's more why these kinds of meatballs it. All kinds of meatballs it has a very good, too chewy texture. Well talk about meatballs at this time we will make the meatballs, but not beef meatballs, chicken, and shrimp, but the fish balls which we'll share her recipes. Fish balls made ​​from fresh fish and it was able to kind of snapper, tuna, or mackerel, if it's a matter of his ingredients could you are nentuin, because his ingredients at all tasty if made ​​meatballs.

Fish balls would be very nice if in his serve with sauce savory and spicy, which makes the loss so Seger too warm, it also reply in the weather again serve in cold or rainy again. But in hot weather again is also delicious to eat meatballs kok mah, did not recognize the time and the place certainly aja eat meatballs definitely tasty and delicious. But many are afraid if there is often a selling fish balls unhealthy, yes the use of preservatives. But not all of them are selling the fish balls underhand yaa, of course there are also honest.

Well to you do not worry, for the fear with meatballs that are not healthy, you can membautnya itself really at home, with recipes this one. You can see down here.


  • 1 whole chicken eggs, taken whites only.
  • 300 gr fillet of fish, if the fish species according to your tastes.
  • ½ tsp instant broth, choose the taste of chicken.
  • 30 g of starch.
  • Water ice 100 CC.
  • Salt ½ tsp.
  • 1 green onion stalks, sliced ​​finely.

Meatball soup ingredients

  • ¼ teaspoon ground pepper.
  • Salt 1 tbsp.
  • 1 ½ liters of clean water.
  • 1 stick celery leaves.

Ingredients for complementary

  • Garlic fries.
  • Sambal.
  • For doses above sufficiently.

How to make 

  • In the first step, fish, crushed until smooth and continue in the egg whites and mix the broth instanya.
  • Then ice water in taungkan slowly at adoana, while in the mix using the mixer to be so well blended.
  • Continue on to add starch and chives, stir again until so dull.
  • Thereafter, the dough in the form to be ringed with sizes to suit your taste. So that bit easier you can use to two tablespoons, so rather easily when formed so round, continue if already rounded on the input in ice water.
  • Next in boiled water until boiling so, then the batter has finished already in the circle and soak in ice water, inserted at the cooking water. Rebus was to be floating on top of water, then lift in the drain.

How to make gravy and how menyajiannya

  • In the first step, the broth in the stew together, pepper, salt, celery leaves are also to be boiling.
  • Prepare a serving bowl, then enter the meatballs in a bowl, continue to flush menggunakna meatball soup is also a sprinkling of fried onions complementary materials as well sauces.
  • Fish balls is ready to serve.

Well if you really like the spicy sauce you can use it a bit more, otherwise if not like can be eliminated her chili recipe ingredients. That's all of us ata sresep and how to make fish balls, thank you for coming to our website

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