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How To Make a Special Black Pepper Fried Squid

How To Make a Special Black Pepper Fried Squid
How To Make a Special Black Pepper Fried Squid

How To Make a Special Black Pepper Fried Squid .Pepper fried calamari dish is seafood-based squid clean and segar.Apalagi if added with spices typical culinary flavors of the archipelago will make it more delicious menu and lezat.Cumi pepper is fried dish menu probably one of the list selection menu faforit anda.Nah actually squid can cook a variety of ways in memasak.Da for discussion this time we will membaha about how to cook fried calamari tasted delicious black pepper agra and nikmat.Nikmat in tongues kat nesantara culinary connoisseurs. 
In addition to taste black pepper fried calamari is delicious and tasty, sajianini menu also has its own squid manfaat.Manfaat useful for our health to those who consume them.

Usually to get a menu of fried calamari dish of black pepper have in a restaurant, eating house, or saun-saung seafood it sendiri.Kalau price masala, pepper fried calamari is in bandrol relatively mahal.Apalagi if buying at restauran lima.Nah star, if you want to make black pepper fried calamari is well-baik.Karena refer to the episode we will discuss kuliiner menu archipelago black pepper fried calamari is until completely down to root-akarnya.Mudah and simple way of making this black pepper fried calamari so as not to complicate the who wants to cook it. 
well, we go directly to the methods or how to make fried calamari black pepper then than you are prepared first-bahannya.Kalau material has been prepared, let us see good, this recipe dya ..

Materials need to be prepared

  • Fresh squid 1/2 kg
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 500 grams of cooking oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice

Also prepare the material for the dye

  • 1 whole chicken eggs
  • Wheat flour 120 gr
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 300 ml of ice water
  • 1/2 teaspoon flavoring
  •  1/2 tablespoon black pepper

For the outer layer of fried calamari material

  • Bread crumbs to taste

step how to make black pepper fried calamari 

  • First wash the squid to be kept clean Then you coat it with garlic that has been refined and the lemon juice nipis.Tunggu to 5 minutes.
  • Both you mix the dye materials-materials that have been waiting for you sediakan.Sambil the mixture until completely blended.
  • Third you take squid then dip in batter while dipping roll into breadcrumbs.
  • Fourth turn on the stove and cook until hot, fried squid or until cooked golden brown.
  • Fifth you take the dish and serve.

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