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Prevent Diseases with Grape Juice

Prevent Diseases with Grape Juice
Prevent Diseases with Grape Juice

Prevent Diseases with Grape Juice .Wine is one of the fruit that cost is quite expensive. If you just spent a few thousand rupiah to buy a kilogram of bananas or papayas, another case with wine. One kilogram of grapes you can get a price of tens of thousands of rupiah. But the high cost of the fruit that is certainly comparable to the value of the nutrients it contains.

The wine has a high nutrient content, do not be surprised if the wine has many benefits included to help prevent a variety of diseases. Here are the benefits of wine for your health.


Wine helps nourish the heart. In wine there is a substance that resveratrol can increase the dilation of blood vessels, so that blood flow to be smooth.

brain health
Research shows that consuming wine regularly can help improve cognitive abilities. So, for you who want to have more healthy brains and savvy could start to regularly consume wine.

Troubleshooting muscle
The content of powerful antioxidants found in grapes may help the recovery of the muscle injury.

Reduce the risk of skin cancer
Substance resveratrol in wine also proven to provide protection against UVB rays from the sun, so that it can prevent skin cancer.

The wine is also a source of vitamins so that he can keep you healthy and avoid other diseases. Let's try this one recipe.

Grape juice


  • 200 grams of red wine
  • 200 ml of ice water (cold water from the fridge)
  • 2 tablespoons pure honey

How to make

  • Rinse and wine, chopped and deseeded
  • Enter the grapes into a blender, add water. Blend until smooth
  • Turn off the blender, then add honey. Turn on the blender for 10 seconds so that the honey blended
  • Pour into a glass, and ready to be enjoyed

You also can substitute red wine with black grapes or green grapes. Do not forget to wash wine with clean, so that pesticide substances that may be present in the wine can be lost. Rinse in clean running water, he rubbed, and repeat the washing process up to two times. Come on, please try ya

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