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Recipe milkfish Kremes Savory and Delicious

Recipe milkfish Kremes Savory and Delicious
Recipe milkfish Kremes Savory and Delicious

Recipe milkfish Kremes Savory and Delicious .Menu Bandeng kremes dish is a menu-based dish fish flavor makes very tasteful if mengkonsumsinya.Ikan banding is a material that can be though in several ways, such as in boiled, in steamed, fried and lain-lain.Menu this dish has a special attraction for foodies Nusatara.

In addition, this dish menu is also safe for consumption anyone from among the children and adults sekalipun.Karena of its milkfish meat itself has nutritional value for your health that mengkonsumsinya.Maka of it, in addition to flavor savory menu this dish also has many health benefits.

For your culinary connoisseurs who want practical in taking it, you can find in places or tavern that serves banding kremes ini.Tapi if you want to make, you can stay in this article, because there is a discussion about how to create a menu dish of milk kremes to completion ,

The materials should be in Set

  • Prepare fish 500 gr, choose fresh and clean
  • 3 cloves garlic, then you puree
  • 1 whole chicken eggs, take part yellow
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon flavoring
  • Prepare flour taste kremes
  • Cooking oil 1 kg
  • seediakan salt 1/2 tsp
  • Also provide clean water to taste

Here are the steps in Creating Bandeng Kremes 

  • First you tersebu Sprinkle fish with salt, garlic, flavor, and pepper bubuk.Tunggu to 10 min
  • Then you take the egg yolks and whipped in a container.
  • Then you take your meat and then dip into milk containers filled with eggs that have been dissolved.
  • Furthermore, roll the meat into flour kremes milk until blended.
  • Your last milkfish fry meat until the meat color banding matang.biasanya yellow lightly browned.
  • Finished, the menu is a dish I right banding kremes ready to serve.

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