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Recipes to Make Tuna Acids

Recipes to Make Tuna Acids
Recipes to Make Tuna Acids

Recipes to Make Tuna Acids .There are many types of fish that can be processed into food ranging from catfish, catfish, snapper, tuna, carp and others. For catfish yourself, you can process them to be made ​​into sweet and sour catfish that can make you feel addicted. How to cultivate sweet and sour catfish recipe itself is relatively easy and certainly spices and the material is also easy to obtain. Recipes sweet and sour catfish has a tempting aroma so it is not uncommon for people who want to try it when the middle inhale. Recipes that this one would be a recipe that is loved by all family members. In this article, we present how to make to make the recipes for catfish you can make as your reference material manufacture.

Here's a recipe for catfish sweet tart tasty that you can try to create at home.

Materials needed
  • 4 eggs hazelnut 
  •  sugar to taste 
  •  Lime 
  •  Catfish 1 tail that has been washed and cut into 3 parts 
  •  2 pieces of cucumber 
  •  6 cloves garlic mashed 
  •  1 pineapple cut up according to taste 
  •  6 spring onions pureed 
  •  Tamarind 
  •  10 pieces of red pepper that has been mashed 
  •  5 bay leaves 
  •  Ginger 
  •  Turmeric 
  •  3 cm lemongrass 
  •  Galangal is crushed

The steps of making

  •  The first way is to soak catfish were washed into the lemon juice and salt 
  •  Furthermore, you can stir-fry seasoning that has been mashed. Wait until fragrant smell 
  •  Boil water to a boil and add the spices that have been sauteed previously 
  •  Add tamarind, bay leaves, galangal, ginger and turmeric and stir until evenly 
  •  Enter catfish, salts, cucumber, tomato and sugar according to taste 
  •  Cook until cooked sweet and sour catfish and serve while still warm

Sweet and sour catfish recipe above is very easy to make. Recipe this one is one of the archipelago culinary recipes that widened favorites for many families. You need to know to make the recipe for catfish, the use of the spice turmeric became the thing to do because with turmeric then the stench of fish can be lost.

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