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The Cold Drinks Recipes Scrumptious Chocolate And Fresh

 The Cold Drinks Recipes Scrumptious Chocolate And Fresh
 The Cold Drinks Recipes Scrumptious Chocolate And Fresh

The Cold Drinks Recipes Scrumptious Chocolate And Fresh .Brown is one of the foods that would have been known by many people. Now, it has been very much a product made ​​from raw cacao, certainly since the start of drinks, snacks, etc. In hangout in general have many also serves a menu of basic ingredients of this chocolate, and it was certainly tasty, delicious and mantab all. You could also make your own food if raw material chocolate lo, for example, as will be discussed on this occasion is to drink chocolate. You make a chocolate drink which is certainly no less tasty and delicious than factory-made or cafĂ© duluar existing there, and certainly more healthful because the ingredients can be guaranteed quality and do not contain any chemical substance. Materials is also very easy to come by, you can easily to find the nearest shops, markets, minimarkets, supermarket which is certainly a lot to provide her. These are steps in the cold chocolate drink recipe, let's look let her recipes together.

Ingredients Of Cold Chocolate Drink Need Supplied

  • Prepare in advance a number of dark cooking chocolate 150 gr (hereinafter cut kecli- little rough yaa)
  • Provide of sugar of 200 gr
  • Prepare the amount of cocoa powder 20 gr
  • Prepare fresh pure milk which amount 450 ml (could also for example be able to put on liquid milk UHT)
  • Providing been sufficiently whipped criem
  • provide ice cubes 450 gr
  • Provide vanilla ice criem numbering 6 tablespoons

Steps To Make Chocolate Drinks Cold

  • First of all, first you have to prepare the pan on the stove and heat along the normal warm temperatures
  • Onwards, the last pour fresh milk into a pan, wait until the fresh milk into hot and boiling.
  • Furthermore, after those steps enter the cocoa powder and sugar, then stir well until evenly distributed. After That lift if the temperature was boiling and wait until it gets warm.
  • Then enter barusaja milk chocolate that you just made ​​into a blender. Do not forget to enter the ice that had been cut into small pieces simultaneously by incorporating ice criem and dark cooking chocolate 
  • Onwards puree all the ingredients before using a blender, then pour into a glass
  • And the final step to the top pour whipped cream muniman earlier, after it gave toping like peanuts. and serve chocolate drink

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