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Yakitori Sauce Recipe Special Terayaki

Yakitori Sauce Recipe Special Terayaki
Yakitori Sauce Recipe Special Terayaki 

Yakitori Sauce Recipe Special Terayaki
  .Community Indonesia awful lot like the culinary delights of Japanese food, especially using the basic ingredients of the chicken, skin or liver chicken gizzard definitely addictive. Well, coincidentally this time will also share food originating from Japan, for those of you who like a typical Japanese cuisine you should try. The food that we'll share it is Yakitori. Yakitori is food such as satay made ​​from the basic ingredients of chicken meat, skin or chicken gizzard. There are so many fans of this food because the food is so tasty and delicious when eat. As long as there umiresep.com if you want to try food that comes from out of state you do not have to go far to get this meal, simply look at the article umiresep you can simply try to make it in your house. Okay, so you are not curious peek yuk .. below is how to cook yakitori sauce special terayaki tasty.

How to cook skewers yakitori teriyaki sauce

Materials used

  • 250 gr chicken meat
  • Tofu 150 gr
  • Tempe 150 gr
  • Adjust cooking oil
  • Leeks adjust
  • Air adjust
  • Adjust teriyaki sauce
  • Seasoning yakitori sus terayaki
  • Cornstarch solution to adjust

How to cook

  • Clean the chicken daginmg which has been set up to really clean, and then small pieces of chicken meat in accordance beef satay in general. Tempe cut into 8 pieces, out in cut into 8 pieces, leek in pieces into 16 sections
  • Take a container and then input material for making yakitori, add terayaki sauce, stir all until well blended. Once everything is mixed and then puncture the materials to the puncture satay sequentially (tofu, scallions, bacon, scallions, tempeh)
  • Provide tools for grilling, apply cooking oil sesaui needs then grilled skewers until cooked. Lift
  • Make the sauce: Take a frying pan and then pour water panskan skillet as needed to skillet and cook until boiling. Put terayaki sauce, stirring until well blended. Add cornstarch solution, stir again until cooked and bubbling. Cook until the material becomes viscous. Lift
  • Provide a plate ready to eat, save skewers on a plate then flush skewers with teriyaki sauce. Sate takitori ready to serve

Please try at home, doing as prescribed above

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