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How to Make Black Tape Ketan Easy and Simple

How to Make Black Tape Ketan Easy and Simple
How to Make Black Tape Ketan Easy and Simple

How to Make Black Tape Ketan Easy and Simple .Tape black rice is usually found on the event or a particular moment. And what I make? Usually mothers in the villages always make black sticky tape easily. Black sticky tape has a soft texture and sweet taste and rarely can make this black sticky tape. Many people who know this black sticky tape, but few people know how. Therefore, you as a housewife should know the procedure to make it. Black sticky tape can be presented at any time in accordance with your wishes. You can also serve as a banquet for the guests visiting your home. Can not wait to do it? Yukk .. follow the way below correctly yaa ...

Materials used

  • Black glutinous rice ½ kg
  • Clean water 2 cups
  • Banana leaves adjust
  • Yeast 2 Btr
  • Granulated sugar or powdered sugar 2 tablespoons

Tips and easy ways to make it

  • Clean the first black sticky rice until completely clean. Then soak the black sticky rice for one night so that the texture is soft. Remove from the marinade then drain
  • Black glutinous rice and then steamed until half cooked, while black rice steamed prepare 2 cups hot water. At the time of steamed after steaming hot then it flush with the 2 cups hot water and position was still on the stove. While in stir so that the hot water evenly mixed, steamed back until cooked.
  • Remove and add to a large container such as a tray and then averaged and let stand until cool, puree yeast beforehand, sedikan medium-sized container, then Cover with banana leaves up neatly. Put the first layer of glutinous rice and sprinkle with yeast until evenly distributed and you can also adjust the refined sugar tambhakan.
  • For the second layer of glutinous rice, sprinkle again with yeast and refined sugar. Perform up to 4 layers.
  • To cover the surface using banana leaves as much as 2 layers and eventually was helped with a clean cloth as cover. Let stand glutinous rice for 3 days and 2 nights, and store containers will tape tersebbut in a warm room.
  • May be in the look if it has been 3 days and 2 nights. Tape ready to serve

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