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How to Make Crispy Cake Cat tongue and

How to Make Crispy Cake Cat tongue and
How to Make Crispy Cake Cat tongue and

How to Make Crispy Cake Cat tongue and .Cake the cat's tongue must have been familiar with the name of the cake, the cake in an adaptation of the typical Dutch country in the call (kattetong) or can call the cat's tongue. From the appearance of this cake is almost similar to the one of his length very similar to, if not less tasty matter of taste her cakes other premises. Cat's tongue cookie not berate her cake origin of the cat's tongue, but to his only form of his course that resembles a tongue kuncing. But this cake made ​​of flour and other ingredients, which makes it so very tasty cakes were scrumptious. This cake is a very nikamt reply in typewriting serve more relaxing time, also to be made ​​party to the guests. But the cake is also often serve many examples when the big day feast.

Cat's tongue cookie also kok sold in pastry shops in your city, many were sold and many are enthusiasts of the cake tongue cuking. For those of you who really like the cake, of course you also had the tasting pastries this. With all his Preferably this dry keu you became so hooked when memcicipi cake cat's tongue. If ever tasted, if try to make it if it is not? Surely you are already also exist as yet. Well for those of you who have not, you simply just see down here.


  • Vanilla 1 senodk tea.
  • Butter 600 gr.
  • 600 gr wheat flour, select the protein resendah.
  • 350 grams of refined sugar.
  • 4 chicken eggs grain, in the white part only.
  • Milk powder 50 grams, select the full cream.
  • Chicken eggs 2 eggs, take yellow only.
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar.

How to make 

  • The first step, vanilla paste, butter, powdered sugar and whipped up so pale, add egg yolk was then whipped again until the dough so fluffy.
  • Combine milk powder also flour, and hold while in the sifter and enter the egg mixture.
  • Beat the egg white was the new container, whipped up so inflates, the new sugar in the input, shake continues to be stiff.
  • By stages, egg white batter input into the egg yolk mixture, stir evenly with a spatula.
  • Then pour the dough in plastic betuknya third aspect that has been installed tool that yes motive plain syringe, hold spray to mold a cat's tongue. Continue on grilled on a hot oven with a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes, until cooked.
  • Cat's tongue cookie was prepared at present.

Easy right to make a good cake, you also can certainly make his reply in your ruamh. Enough from us on how to make a cake recipe and the cat's tongue

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