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Recipes to Make Soft JCO Donuts Easy and Delicious

Recipes to Make Soft JCO Donuts Easy and Delicious
Recipes to Make Soft JCO Donuts Easy and Delicious

Recipes to Make Soft JCO Donuts Easy and Delicious .Donat is a kind of food cake has been very popular throughout the world, donuts are also quite a lot of his kind and of any kind of its own taste very good. The donuts are familiar with the yes memikili characteristic with its unique shape, a circle and a hole in the middle of her. Well this time we will explains about the special donut recipe, yes it's name donuts JCO. JCO is a kind of donut donut has a very tasty and has a very soft texture too soft when eaten. Donat this one is preferred by everyone, because many say it tastes very good donuts. Donat creation of johnny anderan is quite good, so it is no wonder if you try this cake mecicipi will be hooked.

Donat JCO pretty much the encounter in every city, as the donut this one has its own stores and is already very popular with this donut brand. Very tasty donuts reply in time to serve more relaxed circumstances, can also serve shuttlecock in when there are guests, or make a snack for friends get-togethers. For you lovers of cake donuts, you've certainly right never tasted this cake, but if I make it if it has been yet? Nha those who have what one of her trying to make the donuts this one, want to know the recipe and how you can just take a look down here.In the recipe this time we divide the material into two parts.

Ingredients 1

  • Instant yeast 11 grm.
  • Wheat flour 850 GRM, select an air of high protein.
  • 600 ml lukewarm water.
  • Fine salt 10 grm.

Ingredients 2

  • Confectioners' sugar 125 GRM.
  • Wheat flour 200 GRM, select an air proteins were.
  • GRM 100 chicken eggs.
  • Fine salt 10 grm.
  • Milk powder 60 GRM, select the full cream.
  • White butter 125 GRM.

How to make 

  • The first step, the material is first in the input to the container is large enough, then stir until evenly mixed so, at first let stand about 90 minutes in a closed container, then a reference to source material.
  • Prepare a container which is different again, keep in input material into two stirring until evenly mixed so.
  • Next was the second batter mix tersebuat up into one, keep in knead until the dough is smooth kadi. After it let stand again in a closed container for about 15 minutes.
  • Then the dough in pipihkan with a size of 1 cm, kept at 10 menitan let stand, in print resembles a mixture with the usual donuts. Continue on let stand again with the same time yes it was 10 minutes.
  • Prepare a skillet that has been filled with oil, then heat the cooking oil. Continue donuts fried over a low heat until the color changes to yellow and brown.
  • If already mature in the lift, keep the donut and then let stand for a moment in the love of toppings that fit your taste, it could with meises chocolate, grated cheese, jam, or others.
  • JCO donuts were prepared at present.

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