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Recipes to Make Spicy Shrimp Sambalado

Recipes to Make Spicy Shrimp Sambalado
Recipes to Make Spicy Shrimp Sambalado

Recipes to Make Spicy Shrimp Sambalado .Made ​​specifically for those of you who want to learn to cook and also to make it easier you make it yourself at home with the practical. The shrimp had a very large protein that is useful for our body. The shrimp also has a very soft texture when cooked by any means because the shrimp was very helpful, especially in the field of cooking. But this time we made ​​shrimp with seasoning Balado very spicy so the spicy lovers will be interested to try this spicy shrimp Balado.

Well shrimp is very easy to obtain because the shrimp can be found everyday, so now you can make it yourself at home easily by way of follow recipes that we share this time. Mending go see below ordinance making this well.

Recipe Shrimp Balado


  • Large shrimp 1 kg
  • Curly red chilli 10 bh
  • Red onion 5 pcs
  • Red tomatoes 1 pcs
  • Vinegar adjust

How To Make Shrimp Balado

  • Before cooking shrimp shrimp first you clean, to do in the exhaust tail, shrimp you split into two and you dispose of black thread. Once at your sides and then the shrimp marinate with budgets of wear and vinegar that does not smell fishy and maximum results
  • You drain, then heat the oil and fry the shrimp using hot oil and the flame being, shrimp fry until half cooked. Drain
  • Cayenne, salt soften gently. Heat the oil and cook the delicate material input saute until cooked, put 1 teaspoon vinegar, tomato slices, and cook until wilted tomato
  • Input fried shrimp that are already in, turn off the flame and stir until blended shrimp with marinade. Remove and serve

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