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Mango Pudding Recipe Making Special Soft

Mango Pudding Recipe Making Special Soft
Mango Pudding Recipe Making Special Soft

Mango Pudding Recipe Making Special Soft .And safely carry out usual activities. Well this time we will share the recipe is always used as a dessert which Recipes to Make Special Soft Mango Pudding made ​​specifically for those of you who want to learn to cook and also to make it easier you make it yourself at home with the practical. This pudding is a very healthy food and it tastes very nice and has a very soft texture so it is very convenient when you are in the mouth. In addition, the mango pudding is a very healthful food.

Well now you can make it yourself at home easily by way of follow recipes that will we share this time and good luck! Please go see the procedures of the manufacturing process below dengann well.

Mango Pudding Recipe

  • 500 grams of sweet mango, take the meat
  • salt to taste
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 packs of gelatin powder
  • 120 ml milk

How to Make Mango Pudding

  • Provide a container and then enter gelatin powder, sugar and mix until evenly, then set aside. Mango puree in advance using a blender, when you want to soften the mango in a blender along with the milk input mango puree and mango as smooth as possible.
  • Prepare the pan and pour the mango fruit that you have a blender, and cook until boiling. Add the sugar and gelatin and stir until blended. Lift
  • Pour into a pudding mold and let stand briefly and allow input into the freezer until hardened
  • Mango pudding prepared in the present

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