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Pari Fish Recipes Baked Spicy Sweet

Pari Fish Recipes Baked Spicy Sweet
Pari Fish Recipes Baked Spicy Sweet

Pari Fish Recipes Baked Spicy Sweet .Morning Mothers cheerful, meet back with the latest collection of recipes, which always accompany the mothers all, we are here to inspire cooking recipes and information about daily. Today it is still a question of marine fish dishes, and recipes we are today is the Ikan Pari Baked Spicy Sweet.

Pari Fish Recipes Baked Spicy Sweet   made ​​of stingray that had been cut and baked using traditional wait. And mostly cooked by frying, and then in the meal with sauce and vegetables. But this time we cooked in a manner different recipes and cooking, be grilled stingray sweet spicy savory and delicious.

Pari Fish Recipes Baked Spicy Sweet

The materials prepared

  • Grilled stingray sdh so, the market can be purchased for approximately seven pieces of fish

  • 5 cloves garlic
  • Red onion 7 cloves
  • Spicy cayenne pepper to taste
  • Spicy red chilli to taste
  • Bay leaf 1 sheet
  • Galangal 1 knuckles
  • Serai 1 can be cut / or connective
  • The tomatoes were a fruit i
  • Salt to taste
  • Ordinary granulated sugar used as a replacement for flavorings
  • Soy sauce
  • Flavorings can if accustomed
  • Cooking oil

How to make grilled stingray
  • The grilled fish is fried before cooking oil dg not too crisp, then drain
  • After seasoning in thin slices
  • Then all the herbs are sauteed, except tomatoes in most akhir.Baru enter then enter the grilled fish stingray
  • Flattened to allow the flavors and fish together, after that may add a little water.
  • ADD tomatoes and soy sauce
  • Please wait while soy sauce and spices to infuse and fused.
  • To salt, sugar and flavoring to taste.
  • Remove the fish and ready to serve.

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