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Recipe Baking Sweet pancong

Recipe Baking Sweet pancong
Recipe Baking Sweet pancong

Recipe Baking Sweet pancong .Food this one already spread to several regions in Indonesia. Because of the crispy and tasty due to blend together the flour is very thick coconut milk that makes this cake more steady. This cake is a cake that is very easy to make because it uses materials that are very easy to get. But what makes it difficult is when the mold does not have its own, but hopefully if you already had a template itself will be very easy to make this cake. Thus the direct course we will share the recipe Baking Sweet pancong made ​​to facilitate you make.

Now you can make it yourself at home with ease is by following the recipe this time we share and good luck! Mending go see the procedure following the manufacturing process with ease.

Baking Recipes pancong
  • Blue triangle wheat flour 125 grams
  • Egg 2 point (Beat)
  • 125 gram granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon instant yeast
  • 150 milli liter coconut milk or coconut milk can kara 65 milli liter of water is added up to 150 milli liters of milk
  • Margarine or butter (for greasing the mold)
  • 35 grams of cheddar cheese (grated
Material Toping

  • Inflexible scar taste
  • Brown messes taste
  • Sweetened condensed milk white / chocolate taste
How To Make Cake pancong
  • The initial step in advance boil coconut milk and set aside. meanwhile, mix the flour and yeast until blended.
  • Furthermore, beat eggs and sugar until fluffy and smooth by using a high speed mixer. if it deemed it expands, dropping the speed to medium.
  • Enter the flour mixture little by little so that the dough really evenly and pour coconut milk, stirring until blended. masikan mixer, leave the dough for 30 minutes in advance in order to inflate and then enter the grated cheese and stir well.
  • The next step heat pancong cake mold / rangin then spread with margarine. Pour the batter into the mold sufficiently not to the full, because later the dough expands. mold lid and cook briefly until half cooked cake, then sprinkle with the topping lift chocolate, cheese and sweetened condensed milk on top.
  • But if you do not like a half-baked cake can be cooked until lightly browned bottom, lift, and ready sprinkled multifarious toping such as chocolate, cheese and sweetened condensed milk or other toping according to taste.

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