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Recipes Make Cincau Black Ice Fresh

Recipes Make Cincau Black Ice Fresh
Recipes Make Cincau Black Ice Fresh

Recipes Make Cincau Black Ice Fresh .Morning time is certainly going to be colored by sharing the kind of activity that is draining and it needs to be needed break highly enough. Now therefore we would share drink recipes that are suitable as beverages complement your rest time during your job vacant which Recipes Make Ice Cincau Black Fresh we've created just for those who want to rest time relaxing and also to make it easier you make it yourself at home with practical. Ice grass jelly drink is a very famous and also have a lot of people who peddle this grass jelly ice because it is true grass jelly ice is very popular.

Speaking of ice Cincau we also have to know the main ingredients and efficacy are granted leaves of the grass jelly, grass jelly ice so in essence it has properties that are very good for our bodies so that when we eat then we will feel comfortable and fit well. Therefore you should be able to make it, this recipe is made with ease and also practical. materials used were very easy to find. So let's get straight to the point made.

Well now you can make it yourself at home easily by way of follow recipes that we share this time and good luck! Please go see the manufacturing process below properly ..

Recipes Cincau
  • Old leaves or grass jelly can also be called tentative leaves, to taste
  • Substance NaOH or Abu Qi, to remove starch
  • 1 tsp tapioca flour
  • White water, to taste
How to Make Black Cincau

  • Prepare grass jelly leaf or leaf tentative, then wash with water
  • Boil leaves of grass jelly or tentative with water approximately 20 liters, and wait for the water to shrink by half
  • Use a sieve to start meyaring grass jelly leaf pulp or tentative, by simply extracting the starch
  • Allow the water quintessence earlier juice to cool slightly, then mixed with a little starch, stir again until evenly
  • Boil back juice that has been mixed before, wait until slightly thickened, then pour into a baking dish or container that has been prepared
  • Allow the grass jelly which has been in a pan until lumpy and cold
  • Black grass jelly is ready to serve you.

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