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Recipes Mozzarella Stick Leather Variation Wonton

Recipes Mozzarella Stick Leather Variation Wonton
Recipes Mozzarella Stick Leather Variation Wonton

Recipes Mozzarella Stick Leather Variation Wonton .Snacks by the name mozzarella stick is actually something that is quite popular in recent times. And savory sticky sensation caused by the use of the mozzarella cheese that is widely used in the manufacture of typical Italian food makes this snack is very liked by everyone both adults and children. Usually the food is made ​​using a mixture of leather eggs, flour and cornstarch. However, the skin of this kind often lead to failures such as leaking of melted mozzarella cheese in the cooking process of this snack.

All the materials needed in the manufacture of mozzarella stick is easy to be obtained at the nearest supermarket. When compared with a way of making mozzarella sticks usual, this recipe is certainly much more simple and faster because the leather used is a ready-made dumpling skin. In addition, the use of the dumpling skin also minimize the possibility of leakage and of course cooking results will be seen much more presentable. Moreover, the lack of leakage of cheese and also do not use flour panis make the oil you use when frying, not dirty quickly.

If you want to make a snack this one, it is advisable for you to present it when still warm so the cheese mozzarelanya still in the molten state and of course this is much more delicious than the dried cheese stick that you serve because it is cold.

Well now you can make it yourself at home easily by way of follow recipes that we share this time and good luck! Please refer to the following procedure for preparation is good and right in order to achieve maximum results.

Recipes Mozzarella Stick

  • Mozzarella cheese is cut to length in accordance with your wishes
  • Ready-made dumpling skin whose numbers correspond to the number of pieces of cheese before
  • Egg whites
  • Enough oil for frying mozzarella sticks

How to make
  • Wrap the cheese that you have cut by winding inside the dumpling skin. Make sure the roll tightly so it does not leak when fried cheese.
  • Lock tip dumpling skin using egg whites so that the skin is not removed when the frying process.
  • Heat the oil to taste with a high flame.
  • Enter a mozzarella stick and then reduce the heat so that the fried food is not easily burned.
  • Stick fry briefly until the dumpling skin changed to brown.
  • Remove, drain and serve with using tomato sauce, chili sauce, or mayonnaise

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