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Sukiyaki recipe ala Kanto, Japan Scrumptious Traditional Culinary

Sukiyaki recipe ala Kanto, Japan Scrumptious Traditional Culinary
Sukiyaki recipe ala Kanto, Japan Scrumptious Traditional Culinary

Sukiyaki recipe ala Kanto, Japan Scrumptious Traditional Culinary -Sukiyaki is a type of Japanese cuisine that uses beef as a main component. In addition to meat, assorted vegetables and also knew added in it. How to eat it is very unique that is by cooking on the dining table directly by boiling. At first, sukiyaki, better known by the name of gyunabe in the period before World War II. Gyunabe itself means the beef in the pan.

After the Meiji restoration, sukiyaki become one of the popular dishes favored. One popular sukiyaki is Kanto version that uses a special sauce. The sauce made ​​from soy sauce, mirin , sugar and dashi . Dashi itself is a broth made ​​from a combination of extracts of seaweed and tuna that has been planed and fermented. A mixture of various materials is then known as the sauce warishita .

In making the dashi, soy sauce often japan, mushrooms and mirin also be added. Mirin is very important in making sukiyaki because of alcohol contained in it will be able to minimize the fishy smell and also the destruction of the material when the cooking process. In addition, mirin is also used as a sweetness enhancer. However, that does not like the use of alcohol can substitute mirin with a combination of vinegar and sugar.

Sukiyaki is not only delicious but also very healthy for the body because they contain a variety of nutrient content. The cuisine is very high in protein so that it can meet your daily protein needs. Sukiyaki also contains vitamins and minerals through fiber-rich vegetables. Chicory can prevent cancer while knowing can maintain levels of estrogen in the body. The addition of mushrooms in sukiyaki also can avoid clogging of blood vessels.

Sukiyaki recipe ala Kanto
Here are the ingredients and the way of making sukiyaki-style Kanto

  • 100 gr beef tenderloin thinly sliced
  • 200 gr know diced with a size of 2 cm
  • 50 g sun-soaked in boiling water and drained
  • 200 gr chicory cut crosswise 2 cm
  • 200 gr carrots cut askew
  • 4 pieces mushrooms hioko
  • 4 leeks cut 3 cm
  • 100 gr onion cut askew
  • 4 tablespoons cooking oil

Ingredients for sukiyaki sauce
  • 100 mi Japanese soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons sake
  • 75 mi Japanese vinegar or mirin
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 250 mi of meat or vegetable broth
How to Make Sukiyaki
  • Make the sauce first by mixing all the ingredients for the sauce evenly.
  • Heat a wok or saucepan ynag specifically for use in cooking sukiyaki. Pour the oil and saute onion until fragrant and tender. Then enter the leeks, carrots, mushrooms and chicory. Stir all ingredients until cooked through.
  • Insert know, suun and the sauce and cook until boiling.
  • Insert meat sheets one by one. This is necessary so as not to accumulate the meat slices. Cook until the meat slices cooked then remove.
  • Sukiyaki ready to be served and will be more delicious if eaten while hot.

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