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Sweet Delicious Durian Pancake Recipe

Sweet Delicious Durian Pancake Recipe
Sweet Delicious Durian Pancake Recipe

Sweet Delicious Durian Pancake Recipe .Already bored with dessert not only that it wrote? So while there is a chance we'll give you the recipe its new recipe Sweet Delicious Durian Pancake . These pancakes are suitable for dessert after a meal is also a dessert that is very new. Variations of these pancakes are made ​​with soft and tender texture that is very comfortable if it is the tongue of course. And also these pancakes in addition to having a soft texture, these pancakes are very sweet and delicious. These pancakes are usually found dijajanan culinary or also in the restaurant or cafe. Because the durian pancake is very popular among the public.

Durian pancake is very popular, but you do not worry. You also can create your own home and promptly treat your family with a sweet tooth like us hehe. Please go see the manufacturing process below.

Durian Pancake Recipe

  • 500 grams of wheat flour
  • 6 chicken eggs, take the yolk
  • Salt 1 small spoon
  • White granulated sugar 2 large spoons
  • Butter
  • UHT milk plain taste 1 liter
  • Durian monthong 3 pieces
  • Whipped cream 1 liter

How to Make Pancake Durian
  • Provide a container and then enter the flour, salt, sugar and mix the three ingredients until well blended and thoroughly mixed. Add UHT milk slowly while you stir so that the result is perfect and nice.
  • D while stirring add egg yolks, butter mix again until well blended and the dough becomes perfect. Non-stick frying pan flat-shaped heat, and pour the mixture into the skillet we make pancakes skin.
  • Leather pancakes you take then spread by using whippe cream until evenly distributed. Then it filled with meat durian or durian monthong a good quality. Repeat until the dough runs out. After completion of durian pancake input into the fridge until her perfectly shaped pancakes.
  • Pancake Durian was ready to eat.

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