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Turmeric Recipes Make Ice

Turmeric Recipes Make Ice
Turmeric Recipes Make Ice

Turmeric Recipes Make Ice .For some of you may still be unfamiliar with turmeric tamarind ice, because in general turmeric tamarind itself is likely to be used as herbal medicine and can only be found in the artisan herbal medicine. Indonesia itself is rich in various kinds of natural spices, such as turmeric or one of them is also known as turmeric. This time we bring Recipes Make Ice Turmeric Asem for you.

Saffron or turmeric is not only used or used as ingredients to make seasoning and herbs alone, but at the moment saffron or turmeric also has been developed to be a healthful beverage course. For those of you who want to be able to make it, then below is a recipe and also how to make ice turmeric tamarind convenient and practical.

Turmeric Recipes Make Ice 
The materials at the ready

  • Turmeric as much as 150 grams and then burned and shredded until smooth
  • As much as 250 grams of brown sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • Tamarind much as 100 grams
  • Water as much as 1500ml
  • Ice cubes as needed

How to make ice turmeric, tamarind

  • The first step to do is boil the water with some of the material that had been prepared earlier as salt, turmeric, and also brown sugar, boiled until boiling with continued stirring slowly
  • After boiling then remove the cooking water and let cool.
  • The next step to do is to filter the cooking water to separate from the pulp, pour it in a glass and let the ice cubes taste or according to your taste each.

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