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Recipe Fried Eel Outstanding

Recipe Fried Eel Outstanding
Recipe Fried Eel Outstanding
Recipe Fried Eel Outstanding -Good morning to you is always the spirit of serving delicious dishes for your family. Today we will share a unique recipe that is only known in some areas only, namely Recipe fried eel Outstanding . Eels that in some areas of the call with eel, is not as popular chicken or goat, but this eel has a distinctive flavor that is unique and tasteful, eels are usually in favor of agriculturally in the rice fields, with a blend of herbs and materials selection, this eel can be tasty dish extraordinary.

Recipe Fried Eel Special is inspired from one menu dish at home eating eel Sunda serving as the main menu. Here's the recipe and how to make special fried eel for you.

Recipe Fried Eel Outstanding
The materials at the ready
  • 1 kg of fish eel flower, cut to taste, soak dg lime citrus, clean.
  • Spices: 5 shallots 5 cloves garlic 1 vertebra pecan 5 seeds kencur 2 segment turmeric
  • Seasoning: 2 kaffir lime leaves 2 leaves greeting 5 tablespoons soy sauce Sweet Spicy

How to cook fried eel special
  • Eel fry until half dry.
  • Saute ground spices until fragrant, put lime leaves, bay leaves and let Sweet Spicy Ketchup Serve with warm rice and cucumber salad.
Dish of fried eel Special is suitable for on serve during the luncheon, can add green chili and fresh vegetables or other recipes such as menu Recipe Sate Kambing Seasonings Santan or with tasty snacks like Recipe Spicy Sweet Cassava Chips . eels or eel can process into, chips, beef jerky, and steamed vegetables. Good luck

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