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How to Make Tofu Recipes Kupat Practical Favors

How to Make Tofu Recipes Kupat Practical Favors
How to Make Tofu Recipes Kupat Practical Favors
How to Make Tofu Recipes Kupat Practical Favors -Kupat Tofu is one of the typical dishes First Indonesia simple but very tasty and delicious. Kupat know this has to know that the main ingredient is then cut into small pieces, then mixed with the diamond has been cut pieces (kupat) as well as various kinds of vegetables which are then watered with a delicious peanut sauce processed. Kupat know this is a typical local cuisine, especially Java Magelang, Solo, Singaparna and Bandung. All of these areas have kupat out with different flavors and sensations, this is because there are some differences mainly recipe marinade recipes ... although it uses the same basic ingredients are rice cakes and tofu. For recipes kupat know that we will share this time, we will first discuss kupat out of Magelang, while kupat know other regions will follow in upcoming articles recipes. Well no longer - much longer following is a recipe How to Make Tofu Kupat magelang that you can practice your home.

Recipes Kupat Know
Making Materials Kupat Know
  • Know china 2 pieces (fried half-baked and diced) 
  • Ketupat 1 piece (small pieces small) 
  • Col 4 sheets (boiled, then cut into small pieces) 
  • Bakwan vegetables 2 pieces (diced) 
  • Sprouts 50 grams (soaked in hot water, and then drain) 
  • Garlic 4 cloves 
  • peanut roaster (4 tablespoons) 
  • cayenne pepper 4 pieces (boiled)

Know Magelang Kupat Sauce Ingredients
  • Sugar red combs (2 tablespoons) 
  • Ebi 1 tablespoon (soak in hot water, then puree) 
  • sweet soy sauce (4 tablespoons) 
  • salt 1 teaspoon of 
  • boiled water 600 ml
Supplementary Material Kupat Know
  • Onions fried to taste (optional) 
  • celery 2 stalks (chopped until smooth) 
  • Crackers (If you prefer)
Kupat Know How to Make Delicious Practical
  • The first step, Make Sauce: boiled brown sugar until dissolved, then enter the soy sauce, dried shrimp and salt. Then stir until evenly distributed. After the bean puree along with roasted red pepper and garlic. Then mix with a solution of sugar sauce. Then set aside.
  • Furthermore Presentation: planning the diamond pieces, you know, bakwan vegetables, cabbage and bean sprouts on a serving plate. Then pour the sauce that was created earlier, then sprinkle with complementary materials such as fried onions, celery and crackers. After that kupat know you made ready to eat
Tips for Choosing Know The Good
  • Choose tofu (tofu), white / clean. 
  • Try to buy out is not that hard, not slimy, not easily destroyed when pressed and not too chewy 
  • For temperatures out always in good shape, soak know in water.

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